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Art speaks where words are unable to explain...

LAGO Artistry was born at the intersection of defeat and gratitude. 

New York based artist, Loretta Oberheim has utilized art to express her emotions throughout her life. Her passion began at a young age, and grew when she met an incredible mentor her Junior year of high school at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

She followed her dreams and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she graduated with a B.F.A. in Textile/Surface design in 2006. She began working in the high-end interior design industry upon graduation; continuing her love of creating as her career flourish.

Then in August of 2013, a life altering event occurred, which left Loretta with permanent brain damage to the frontal and temporal lobes, along with other permanent neurological challenges. That split-second event took art out of her life. Her release, her trusty sidekick, was gone.   

Loretta would try to sketch or doodle. Unfortunately to her dismay, nothing that was manifesting in her mind would translate onto the canvas or paper. All the love, the appreciation, the years of training; her hand was gone. 

Finally, in December 2018, after multiple personal losses and forced changes, Loretta drove herself back into art. The expression, the familiarity, the comfort, was something long lost, that was desperately needed. 

In a moment of deep loss, but of necessary acceptance, she created the painting "11:04". Behind those layers of that oil paint are doctors’ notes, tests, accident reports, letters, photos, disability forms, and illusions of grandeur. In the process of this creation, of letting go, her truest best friend returned. In those painstaking weeks of creation, returned pieces of her soul, as if no time had passed. 

Currently, Loretta has been on exhibit in galleries in NYC and Long Island, NY. She’s created custom commissions for private residences as well as private businesses. She also works as a Traumatic Brain Injury Advocate to help those understand some disabilities are unable to be seen

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