“N.O.T. D.Y.L.”
It’s never on the day someone leaves when you realize the building blocks that go into any relationship. All you see is how they all came crumbling down. But in hindsight, you view each block, and how they built something truly special. Yet it’s never viewed like that, never on the day they/you leave.
Dimensions: 25.5”H x 25.5”W x 2”D
Materials: Wrapped Gallery Canvas, sheet music (purchased), alcohol inks, acrylics, varnish. Framed, ready to hang.


Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, this piece is still at One Art Space in NYC due to a Postponement of the “She is...2020” Exhibition. 

I am unaware of when the exhibition will take place, or when this piece of art will be returned. 

However, if you are interested in it, please contact me at lagoartistry@gmail.com to discuss deposit hold options for this piece to guarantee ownership when it becomes available. 

Be safe, but most importantly, stay healthy!


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